Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tory Budget 2008: "One Mile Wide & One Inch Deep"

A pretty disappointing budget. I know, I know. I wrote a post talking about the political necessity of middle-of-the-road politicking for Harper right now but it's hard not to feel a little irritated anyway.

The Globe gives a thorough run-down of the budget here.


Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion slammed today's Conservative budget as "one mile wide and one inch deep" but said his party would not force a spring election over the document.

"Under the circumstances, I don't see enough in this budget that would justify that we precipitate an election that Canadians do not want for now," Mr. Dion said.


"This is a budget that clearly fails the working families of Canada," NDP Leader Jack Layton said.

"In fact, individual taxpayers are going to have to pay 12 per cent more of the cost of government, while corporations will pay 14 per cent less . . . "

"There is nothing here to train the doctors that families need," Mr. Layton said.

"There is nothing to help deal with prescription drug costs that are really tough on families now. There's nothing for affordable housing. It is not a budget that New Democrats can support."


So the Tories will continue governing through the spring and the National Newswatch Election Fever Meter has plummeted down to 5% after hovering around 80% or 90% for weeks. I'm beginning to get the feeling Harper's going to make it all the way through his four-year term.

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