Friday, February 22, 2008

Talking Elmo Doll Issues Death Threats To Toddler

Alright, now this would be genuinely terrifying. Personalized death threats from an Elmo doll delivered in a sing-song voice? Count me out, thank you very much. I'd be having nightmares for a month.

Via Fox News:

It sounds like something the talking doll Chucky from the movies might say: "Kill James!" Instead, a Florida family says the threat to their toddler is coming from a talking Elmo doll.

The Bowman family, of Lithia, Fla., said an Elmo doll belonging to their 2-year-old son, James, began to spout death threats towards him after they changed its batteries, reports.

The Elmo Knows Your Name Doll started saying "Kill James!" in a sing-song voice, the site reports.

"It's not something that really you would think would ever come out of a toy," James' mother, Melissa, told the site. "But once I heard, I was just kind of distraught."

The toy's manufacturer, Fisher-Price, said it will issue the Bowmans a voucher for a replacement doll, reports.

A replacement doll? How about friggin' therapy??

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