Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"We Are The Makers Of History, Not Its Victims" & The Comeback Kid Redux

Ladies and gentleman, the winner of the Republican New Hampshire Primary, John McCain:

I can't argue with his words. These are just excepts from his acceptance speech, of course, but the entire address has been getting a lot of attention, and with good reason. In particular, this line turned some heads:

"The history of the world will not be determined by this unpardonable foe [the jihadists], but by the courage of free peoples. In this historic task, we will never surrender. They will."

Jim Geraghty goes so far as to call this line "Churchillian," which I think is extraordinarily generous. He said all the right things but his monotony still grates on me. If Obama had delivered those lines I may have broke into tears. McCain's comfortable margin of victory - by 6,000 votes or so - was surprising given the expected turnout on the Republican side, as The Confederate Yankee points out. With most independents voting in the Democratic primary, many were calling for a Romney upset since McCain was counting on those independent votes to boost his numbers. Clearly, he didn't need them.

As for the Democrats, the race was close for awhile but Hillary pulled it off. Could this mark the end of Obamania? The hype around this man since Iowa was unbelievable and I couldn't help but be drawn into the messianic narrative myself. Let this be a reality check for us all. The Clinton Election Machine is a frighteningly powerful engine.

Her acceptance speech was, well, it was Hillary Clinton. "Over the last week I listened to you and, in the process, I found my own voice." She certainly knows how to play to the female demographic. Her speech reads like a Virginia Woolf novel. Listen to the cheers that line got her though:

Next stop, Michigan.

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