Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bill Clinton Gives 9/11 Twoofers A Good Talkin' To

"9/11 was an inside job! 9/11 was an inside job!"

Even Bill Clinton knows these people are nuts. For some reason, they seem to seek him out. Luckily, he ain't afraid to put them in their place.

ABC reports:

“Are you one of those it was an inside job guys?" the former president asked. Continuing, "Hillary agrees we should end the war, but we have heard from you now, now you hear from me. I let you be rude and interrupt me screaming at the top of your lungs. Nine-eleven was NOT an inside job, it was an Osama Bin Laden job with 19 people from Saudi Arabia, they murdered 3000 Americans and others foreigners including Muslims and we look like idiots, that the people who murdered our fellow citizens did it, when they are continuing to murder other people around the world. So we heard from you, you go away," Clinton said to the cheering crowd.

Video here.

H/t Ace

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