Thursday, January 24, 2008

Romney: "The American People Don't Want Bill Clinton Running Around The White House With Nothing To Do"

A bit of a snoozer, according to Bryan at Hot Air. All in all, I think the night goes to Mitt Romney. He had a couple particularly strong moments, the most memorable of which came in response to a question about the war in Iraq.

Here's the clip:

And another good moment for Romney:

You have to like the man's chances going into the next few states. Now that many if not most Fred Heads have made the less-than-smooth transition to the Mitt camp, Romney heads into Florida polling strongly and with momentum on his side. Unless Giuliani has something spectacular up his sleeve - and I mean spectacular - then I just can't see him rallying in time to make a real run at winning the state. The so-called "late state" strategy turned out to be a stinker.

Maybe be next time, Rudy.

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