Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hillary To New Hampshire: "That Hurts My Feelings..."

Although I'm no fan of his politics, it's difficult to argue that Barack Obama is anything but a clever politician and an inspiring speaker. He was really great tonight at the debate in New Hampshire. Look how easily he undercuts Hillary's only sympathy-inspiring moment of the night:

Mark my words: this man is a very serious threat to the Republican party. As Hillary's free fall continues, it is becoming increasingly obvious (as noted over at Small Dead Animals) that the North American media has anointed the Obamessiah as the Chosen One to lead the American people from the darkness of reason and small government with his glorious and nebulous message of change.

Although he's my 4th favourite Republican candidate in terms of policy, I'm going to be paying much more attention to John McCain over the next few weeks because the polls and common sense indicate that he's the only Republican who could handle Obama in the general election. Republicans will have to look past his pro-Amnesty policy though, which may not be possible given it's consistently polling as the number one issue among conservative voters. We could do worse than a McCain presidency. You better believe the troops wouldn't be going anywhere in Iraq.

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