Friday, January 11, 2008

Fred Thompson: "That's Not The Model Of The Reagan Coalition, That's The Model Of The Democratic Party"

Stuck in a lazy narrative, they said. Doesn't have the fire in his belly, they said. This is the Fred Thompson we've all been waiting for. Is it too late to get him the nomination? Probably. But the race is still in chaos right now with no single candidate running away with it. Conservatives all over the United States have been waiting for The Fred to come alive. He's told us over and over that he's the only "true blue" conservative on the ballot and, finally, last night he decided we should see what that looks like in action. He absolutely tore into Huckabee - and we'll have to wait and see if that won him any converts - and he outlined once and for all exactly why he deserves to be the Republican party candidate.

And so, as a gift to all the Fred Heads out there, I've compiled some of his best moments from the debate last night below. I'll begin with the best clip of the night.

Teh Fred vs. Huckabee:

Mmm. That's good fire in the belly.

Teh Fred On Illegal Immigration:

I was a little disappointed he passed on his opportunity to go on the offensive against McCain, probably as a result of their close friendship. If he's going to win this race - and that's a big if - he's going to need support from all quarters, and that certainly includes McCain supporters who are uncomfortable with the Maverick's pro-amnesty stance and his opposition to the Bush tax cuts.

And, of course, Thompson's "virgins" line in response to the Iranian naval standoff in the Straits of Hormuz this week:

Last night was far and away Fred Thompson's best performance of the campaign thus far. Right now Fred needs to build some momentum if he wants a chance at winning South Carolina on January 19. If he can do that, he may still have a shot - albeit a long one - at winning this nomination.

H/t to Hot Air

UPDATE: And the focus group agrees:

UPDATE II: Just a little zinger Romney lands on that nutter Ron Paul:

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