Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Weekly Round-Up Of Tips & Links

My damn Firefox browser is getting cluttered up again with tabs of articles and videos that are not quite worthy of a post unto themselves. So please allow me to take this opportunity to subject you fine folks to another link dump.

As always, keep those tips coming ( and my apologies if I don't always respond right away.

This week in the world:

  • Israeli Aggression: "Despite all the menacing Hopey Change in the air, some things remain the same. This cartoon is from 1956"
  • The Obamateur Hour: Mark Steyn says, "It suggests a perverse kind of genius that the 44th president did not wait for a single “event” to throw him off course. Instead he threw himself off: “Is Obama tanking already?” (Congressional Quarterly); “Has Barack Obama’s presidency already failed?” (the Financial Times)"
  • Roy Jones Jr. Compilation: Amazing video compilation of Roy Jones Jr. for boxing fans out there
  • Right Wing Video: A store clerk and customer beat a would-be robber with a bat
  • F*ck You, Penguin: "What are you, Aardvark, some kind of anarchist Marxist fascist?"
  • Gods of the Copybook Heading: By linking "Scenes From The Imperial Capital," I'm proving that, as a Torontonian, I'm more sensitive and poetic than Canadians from all other provinces and territories combined.

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