Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Night's All Right For Link Dumping

Good afternoon, my beloved readers. This has been a busy, busy day for me so I'm not going to have the chance to do much updating. To give me peace of mind, and also to keep you entertained, I'll clear my tab bar of its most interesting material and submit it for your consideration.

Titanic Deck Chairs: "The Nationalized Health Care Fight That Never Was?"

If Democrats learned anything from the HillaryCare defeat, it was the danger of admitting to their wish to federalize the health market. Since returning to power, they've pursued a new strategy: to stealthily and incrementally expand government control. "What no one is paying attention to in the [stimulus]," says Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, "is that Democrats are making a big grab at the health-care sector."
Heroes of Capitalism: an excellent blog that provides daily updates about great capitalists, living and dead.
What is a hero of capitalism?
Someone who used private property* to produce wealth.

Everyday there will be a featured hero. Though many of the heroes had far more than one accomplishment, only one will be highlighted at a time.
The Western Standard: Harper's golden opportunity to radically embrace trade liberalization and free up the borders.
If the results of this survey can be trusted, and if public sentiment has not changed dramatically since the data was collected, the Conservative government could dismantle Canadian protectionism and pursue an aggressive policy of unilateral free trade with little political risk.
Have a great Saturday!

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