Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oh, Right, Harvard's A Cesspool Of Relativism ...

Michael Ignatieff:

Politics is an art, not a science, and so the judgments that you’re making are about people, and they’re judgments about what’s possible, and those are very different than the judgments you make in the safety of academic life.

Actually, politics is a science. It is the branch of philosophy that applies ethics to the social context, having roots in both metaphysics and epistemology. And, like all branches of philosophy, it requires the scientific movement from certain premises to their proper conclusions and corollaries.

This subjectivist garbage is precisely the problem with Canadian politicians. Government should not be a playground for power-lusting pragmatists and intellectual adolescents. The functions of the state ought to be animated by and limited to the stature of a moral social system as determined by reason. When did this fall so desperately out of mode?

Ignatieff is sounding more and more like Stephen Harper's less intelligent and socially awkward cousin every day.

Grow a pair, Iggy. We already know what a Liberal Party with no chutzpah looks like and it ain't pretty.

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