Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday Stupid: "Hi, You've Reached The Cloak, Lifelong Fighter Of The International Communist Conspiracy"

Looking to kill a few minutes on this fine Saturday afternoon? Good, this should help. A short comedy cartoon centered on The Cloak, private investigator and life-long fighter of the International Communist Conspiracy, who, with a little help from the disembodied head of film noire star Robert Mitchum, battles the corrosive influence of Communism wherever he may find it.

It's funny in a really quirky kind of way. At least, I think it's funny. It's had some fairly mixed reviews from my friends; some love it and some definitely do not get it. If you've ever seen Harvey Birdman and didn't hate it you should like this.

A small taste:

The Cloak: Your name's Yurik? Is that a Russian name?

Yurik: No.

The Cloak: Good. Because, between you and me, the Ruskies need a good kick in the balls. Right in the testicles, the source of their Commie power.

There are some hilarious one-liners throughout. Give it a chance. It's run-time is 10:31:

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