Friday, March 14, 2008

A Rolling Stone Gathers No ... Unbiased Media Attention

Um. Main Stream Media? We need to talk.

I mean, come on!

This whole media bias thing was cute at first. You'd publish a picture of Barack looking serious and scholarly next to a picture of Hillary apparently preparing to digest her young and we would let it fly. Us folks on the right aren't The Ice Queen's biggest fans either so we rationalized "the enemy of my enemy..." But no, Main Stream Media, it's gone too far. Have you lost all sense of subtlety? He looks like he's about to take off and save Metropolis from Doomsday in this picture.

Look, I'll make you a deal. Next to every messianic picture of Barack Obama, attach this little caveat: "Warning: Candidate Not As Desirable As May Appear." Have we got ourselves a deal? Fantastic.

It was just great talking to you.

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