Monday, March 3, 2008

Link Dump & Open Thread

My posting is going to be pretty light this week. I've been extraordinarily busy over the past few weeks but things are getting even worse this week (but then much better next week). So, in the interest of keeping you fine ladies and gentlemen amused, I'm dumping a bunch of my favourite articles, videos, etc. from the past week into one post. If anyone has something interesting they'd like to share, mention it in the comments and I'll update the post if it's interesting.

Canadian musician Jeff Healey died of cancer yesterday.

Stephen Taylor has been keeping us up to date on the so-called CadScam scandal and Harper's delightful response this morning.

A dubious article claiming that blogging is good for your health.

An Obama SNL cartoon featuring Jessie Jackson. I don't know why I keep linking SNL clips. This one's alright though:

A little war technology video:

And, finally, a little humour from the good folks at Cracked. It's scientology themed.

Hat tips: Ace, Allah

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