Saturday, March 15, 2008

Obama Campaign Spokesman: "Fighting For Peace Is Like Raping For Virginity"

Well, that might be a little unfair. It wasn't an Obama campaign spokesman, per se. Just Barack's political and spiritual adviser Rev. Jeremiah Wright. But he's left the campaign now so we should stop asking questions about Obama's 20-year affiliation with the Trinity Church, right? Right?

So here's the situation. Obama's church turns out to be a seething cesspool of racism and anti-American hate. Barack's been attending Rev. Wright's sermons for almost two decades but he claims he's completely surprised by all these revelations about Wright's radicalism. He couldn't have known! He was absent on the day the sermon was about FDR's complicity in the Pearl Harbour bombing. And who could forget his stirring "God Damn America" sermon. He missed that one too.

Rev. Wright has been attached to the Obama campaign since the beginning, providing spiritual and political advisement. The fact that he's left the campaign does nothing to quash the legitimate worries people are begin to develop.

Here's a nice little compilation of Rev. Wright's most vituperative moments:


But, even after 20 years of association with the church, he had no clue that Rev. Wright had these detestable ideas? He didn't hear a single hateful word spoken against America and the white oppressors? Well, fine. Did he at least read it on the church bulletin?

A comment over at The News Buckit covers it:

Listening to this guy for 20 years and then saying you don't agree with what he says is like buying tickets and attending Lakers games for 20 years and then saying you're not really a fan.

But if he's left the campaign then I guess we'd better just forget about it.

Jeremiah Wright's presence in his campaign was a ticking time-bomb. Questions were asked about him from day one but the extent of his racism has only surfaced over the past week. Talk about your rookie campaign mistakes. I think "make sure none of your advisers are fire-breathing racists" is right up there at the top of the Things To Do Before Running For President checklist.

And Ace favours us with a little prediction:

An angry Michelle Obama gets away from the PR lockdown she's under in the next couple of the days and says something even more damaging to Obama in attempting to help him.

Something like defending Wright, or stating that it's normal to say the sorts of things he does, or attacking the white establishment for cutting a black man down just as he's about to succeed.


Free Michelle Obama! Free Michelle Obama!

H/t Ace & Hot Air

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