Monday, March 31, 2008

Dion's Leadership Weak Because of Michael Ignatieff & Rogue Unicorns

The Dion people are starting to get the fear. After a number of Quebecois Grits took shots at him last week, the Liberal "leader" is beginning to feel the fault lines in his support crack into chasms of dissent. And so, as we all knew would happen eventually, the Dion faction is beginning to ask that one really tough question: is it somehow possible to blame this on Michael Ignatieff?

The answer? Yes. Yes, it is.

For starters, Michael Ignatieff's always had those shifty eyes. They're really the eyes of a Dipper, don't you think? Plus, did you ever read "The Lesser Evil"? In his moments of lucidity he sounded like one of those filthy Tories. I'll bet he's working for them. I mean, what's harder to believe? A Liberal completely changed their convictions to win an election or Ignatieff's an undercover agent?

But seriously, folks. It's the rogue unicorns too. Deadly sharp horns.

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