Monday, May 5, 2008

In Case You Still Need Convincing That Rosie's Insane...

"Frankly, [what Reverend Wright said] made sense to me."
-- Rosie O'Donnell

A detailed explication of Rosie's many facual inaccuracies and a general sketch of her intellectual deficiency courtesy of AllahPundit .

She’s still deploying the “context” defense that Obama (finally) abandoned last week; she’s still excusing the “America created AIDS” libel on grounds that the government did, after all, infect black men with syphilis — which it technically didn’t, but which, unlike her other theories, is at least near to being true. I can’t think of a more transparent case of someone embracing conspiracies to affect intelligence, a fact betrayed here by her mention of blacks having once been considered three-fourths of a person. Close enough, Ro, close enough.

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