Thursday, May 1, 2008

Finally, The Truth About The Holocaust

Courtesy of Hamas TV.

Thank Allah that someone had the courage and insight to see through the smoke and mirrors of the Holocaust and finally expose it for what it truly was: a zany trick dreamed up by teh Joooooos!


Given the magnitude of jihadists’ many sins — murder, misogyny, incitement to genocide — historical revisionism is comparatively small, but still useful as an insight into that special blend of willful ignorance and spectacular ruthlessness we know and hate them for. Propaganda in this vein helps them among Arabs, I guess, as a way of delegitimizing Israel, but it’s poisonous to their credibility in (most of) the west. So why do it? Just to rub some salt in the wound. If you’re willing to kill civilians, why wouldn’t you be willing to torment them by pissing on their parents’ graves?

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