Friday, December 19, 2008

Weekly Round-Up Of Tips & Links

Since the tips and links are beginning to roll in at a decent speed, my Firefox browser has started to look a touch cluttered with the extra tabs I've been forced to keep open. To remedy this situation, I thought I would begin to unload my favourite articles, videos, and miscellaneous items of interest in the form of a weekly round-up post.

Keep the tips coming ( and my apologies if I don't always respond right away.

This week in the world:

Tips For Clueless People Who Get Mugged: A frustrated cop explains to brain dead New Yorkers what to do if they get robbed (Linked at Noodle Food)

Stephen Harper CBC & CTV Interviews (H/t Daryl Wolk)

Fuck You, Penguin. A blog where a man tells cute animals what's what. Probably safe for work but the language tends towards the crude (H/t Susan)

Nature Gets Legal Rights In Ecuador: You have to read this to believe it (Again, linked by Diana at Noodle Food)

Cooling On Global Warming: Europe gets real while US turns up heat on global warming talks.

Video: Abdul The Reluctant Martyr (from Allah at Hot Air)

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