Friday, April 11, 2008

Ode To Richard Warman, Esquire

From The Nose On Your Face, originator of the famed Islamic Rage Boy, comes this epic piece of poetic genius in the key of Seussian verse. Read it or you are dead to me.

A short excerpt to pique your interest:

Oh the words that they use oh those words, words, words, words!

Each one that they write gives me fits, flots, and flurds!

Don’t they realize just what their scary ideas might do

If there were no Richard Warman protecting you?

That Ezra Levant published Mohammed cartoonies,

Free Dominion is chock full o’ right wingy loonies!

Kate McMillan’s mean prose always gives me a frown,

And Kathy Shaidle maintains that I pee sitting down!

Did you know Jonathan Kay of the National Post

Is Hitler’s first cousin, far more vicious than most?

I left out the best parts so hop on over to TNOYF and read it in its entirety.

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